CEFA's Constitutional Forum (CCF)

Do you ever marvel at our Australian Constitution and then ponder its contemporary relevance?

What about our system of government? Have you ever thought about how it compares with other countries?

And how does our attitude to the rule of law differ from other nation-states?

How is it that 60% of young Australians say they don’t value our democracy?

Every day our leaders are debating, legislating and informing us. Our Constitution is the founding document that underpins our system of government, but we don't hear much about it in the media.

CEFA's Constitutional Forum (CCF) is a place where we will analyse, compare and discuss present-day topics and the significance of our Constitution, system of government and the rule of law. This is an initiative that thousands of Australians have joined.

Discussing contemporary instances where our Constitution is applied gives us the opportunity for deeper engagement. By referring to the history of our Constitution, democracy and rule of law we can gain a better understanding of how and why current government decisions are made.

The Constitution Education Fund supporters are invited to join the conversation. We welcome you.

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