The Constitution Education Fund Strategic Plan 2021-2022

The Constitution Education Fund Strategic Plan 2021-2022


To increase public understanding and appreciation of the history and workings of the Australian Constitution and the Australian system of Government.


CEFA wants to be known for:

Projects which result in measurable improvements in knowledge, understanding, attitudes to, and engagement with the Australian Constitution, particularly for young people.


  1. Maximise the opportunity for children, by the time they are 16, to understand what is in the Constitution, how our system of government functions and the story of how it came to be.
  2. Successfully implement projects that include:
  1. Stage 2 of the Australian Constitution Centre. (being completed under the Commonwealth Government funding grant).
  2. Governor-General’s Undergraduate Prize Program.
  3. CEFA’s Constitutional Forum (CCF).
  4. Developing the NSW Constitution Centre.
  5. Developing the Victorian Constitution Centre.
  6. Schools teaching and learning resources for teacher training institutions.
  7. Research scholars.
  8. Publish a constitutional text book for teachers and students in Australian schools.
  9. Upgrade the CEFA website.
  10. Stage 3 of the Australian Constitution Centre (new multimedia and teaching and learning resources for classrooms, years 4-12.
  11. Pilot classroom teaching and learning resources in schools.
  12. Offer CEFA’s online professional development training days to classroom teachers.

        3. Ensure all CEFA resources demonstrate an understanding of the six constitutional foundation principles; democracy, the rule of law, separation of powers, federalism, rights and nationhood

Guiding Principles

CEFA’s guiding principles include:

  • Commitment to increase understanding and appreciation of the Constitutional framework of Australia, its story and its contemporary relevance.
  • Responsiveness to the civics and citizenship curriculum needs of schools, teachers and students with factual constitutional education programs.
  • Independence and integrity.
  • Non-partisanship.
  • Innovation.
  • Collaborations with governments, the High Court of Australia and State Supreme Courts, the Governor-General and State Governors, universities, ACARA, Departments of Education and other relevant institutions.
  • Philanthropy.

Key results and strategies

Key Result 1 – An outstanding development of the Australian Constitution Centre


  1. Successfully implement the Stage 2 project plan developed for the $2 million funding received from the Commonwealth.
  2. Develop new content for the Australian Constitution Centre Exhibition at the High Court and the curriculum resources teaching and learning website for Australian schools.
  3. Settle CEFA processes for securing funding to sustain and further develop the Australian Constitution Centre after Stage 2 is completed February 2022.
  4. Develop a framework for engagement and/or collaboration with other relevant Australian and overseas institutions (such as the National Archives of Australia, the Constitution Centre of Western Australia, the Constitution Center of the USA and others to be identified).
  5. Evaluate and assess students improved knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and our system of government.

Key Result 2 – A prestigious Governor-General’s Prize


  1. Ensure recurrent processes for sustaining the Prize, inclusive of managing relationships with the Patron, settling questions, timely engagement with the High Court and managing events are efficiently administered on an annual basis.
  2. Ensure effective promotion of the Governor-General’s Prize to potential applicants, the universities and the Australian community.

Key Result 3 – A quality marketing approach, especially with digital media


  1. Research and write about contemporary constitutional topics and issues to increase understanding of their constitutional relevance and distribute them through the Constitutional Education forum CEFA network (CCF) to increase distribution and readership.
  2. Implement CEFA’s social media strategy.
  3. Improve and upgrade CEFA’s IT and digital platforms for more effective communications.

Key Result 4: The Constitutional Treasure Hunt  – Establish a national program for people’s federation stories.


  1. Settle processes to seek family treasures, artefacts, object, photographs, letters and stories in the period in the lead up to federation and the writing of the Constitution.
  2. Develop a national promotion campaign.

Key Result 5 – Develop State Constitution Centres


  1. Develop a concept plan and obtain funding for the Stage 1 NSW Constitution Centre.
  2. Develop a concept plan and obtain funding for the Stage 1 Victorian Constitution Centre.

Key Result 6 – A sustainable financial and administrative infrastructure for efficient, adequate and accountable fund raising


  1. Celebrate CEFA’s 25 year anniversary in an annual report to be utilised as a prospectus (deferred due to pandemic).
  2. Develop a targeted philanthropic fundraising plan comprised of further government grants, corporate sponsorship, foundation grants, and individual high net-worth pledged donations.
  3. Continue to build financial support from annual donors who contribute $1000 or less per-annum.
  4. Implement the CEFA fundraising committee.
  5. Set up a bequest program.
  6. Re-establish an annual events program, even if it is online due to the pandemic.