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Is the rule of law fairly applied to children in the justice system in Australia? 

The discussion about splitting Queensland into two States has received some attention lately.

This week’s announcement by the Prime Minister about a possible change in income taxation might have come as a surprise to many people.

Last week Dutch MP Geert Wilders arrived in Australia to help launch a new party, the Australian Liberty Alliance. Wilders is described as a controversial global figure.

At the July COAG meeting in Sydney it was announced that the Northern Territory would push towards becoming a State in 2018. Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said that the Territory was a “second class citizen” that had a “second-tier status in the nation”.

Murmurings about Western Australian secession occurs from time to time. And especially occurs when there are perceptions in WA that they may be getting ‘ripped off’ by the Federal government.

With self-governance of Norfolk Island about to come to an end we thought it was a great opportunity to look at the interesting Constitutional arrangements of the Isl


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