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In the last few months we’ve seen the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) tweeting about the redistribution of electoral boundaries. It’s amazing to see the size of some the electorates.

New MP's in the 45th Parliament

Earlier this week the media reported that the discussion about moving to four-year fixed terms was back on the agenda.

The article we wrote last week about moving towards four-year fixed terms in the House of Representatives gained a huge social media response. We had hundreds of comments on Facebook.

For decades there has been a dilemma about moving to four-year fixed terms in our Federal Parliament. But because the terms of Parliament are stipulated in the Constitution changing them would require a vote of the people at a referendum.

Why is the Government reluctant to implement a national public pedophile register?

The election count goes on. It took eight long days to find out that the Coalition will form government. There are still one or two seats unconfirmed in the House of Representatives and the Senate count is likely to take a few more weeks.

CEFA staff were alarmed on Tuesday morning 5 July when we picked up the Sydney Morning Herald and read the front page words “Australia faces a protracted political and Constitutional crisis”. But is this a Constitutional crisis? Or is the system working as it should?

Tomorrow we get to have the ultimate say about our preferred federal parliamentary representatives as each of us get one vote in the House of Representatives and one vote in the Senate.

CEFA is delighted that thousands more first-time voters have enrolled at the last minute. We wrote on 27 May that only 50% of 18 year old had enrolled for the upcoming Federal election. Thanks to an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) media and advertising campaign, the number is now 71%.


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