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CEFA is delighted that thousands more first-time voters have enrolled at the last minute. We wrote on 27 May that only 50% of 18 year old had enrolled for the upcoming Federal election. Thanks to an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) media and advertising campaign, the number is now 71%.

The result of children not being taught the value of democracy in school is that only 50% of 18 year olds are enrolled to vote at this election. 

The writs for the upcoming 2 July election were issued in accordance with our Constitution on Monday. You might think this is not a very interesting topic. Almost like watching paint dry.

On Sunday 8 May, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull met with the Governor-General Peter Cosgrove to request that both Houses of Parliament be dissolved and an election be called for 2 July.

The discussion about splitting Queensland into two States has received some attention lately.

We’re in an election year and so we’re at that stage where we’re all asking “Will he? Won’t he?” and almost pleading “when will it be?!”

The Prime Minister has choices for election timing and the Constitution provides the basis for this.

Today’s CCF commences what we expect to be a major task to correct Constitutional myths and dubious facts.

The discussion about electoral terms in Australia comes up every now and then. But did you know that electoral terms for both the House of Representatives and the Senate are stipulated in the Constitution?

Former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop

Recent events leading up to resignation of the Speaker Bronwyn Bishop give us the opportunity to look at the role of the Speaker under the Westminster System.


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